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Todek Toddminer C1 PRO
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Model Toddminer C1 PRO from Todek mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 3Th/s for a power consumption of 2700W.


Manufacturer Todek
Model Toddminer C1 PRO
Release May 2020
Size 185 x 281 x 300mm
Weight 12000g
Noise level 70db
Fan(s) 2
Power 2700W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

TODDMINER C1 PRO ( 3 Th/s ) Nervos Network miner specifications:

  • Power consumption: 2700 Watt
  • Hashing algorithm: Eaglesong
  • Hash rate: 3 Th/s ±10%
  • All machines include associated power supply

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Every machine include PSU. And original company packing

PSU Details : 90 Plus 1800w Power Supply PSU



57 reviews for Todek Toddminer C1 PRO 3Th/s | Nervos Miner

  1. Conal Downes

    Excellent product, you can order it

  2. Mitchell Rubio

    It looks like the profitability has held steady since the 9th.

  3. Francis Davis

    I’m also trying to get one of these they’re just so expensive I really want to get into doing this so I can retire my electricity in my local area is only 7 cents a kw so it’s super cheap.

  4. Aadil Santiago

    All products are cheap.

  5. Craig Novak

    Im disapointed, taught the machine was going to be louder !

  6. Noa Reese

    Great place to buy

  7. Kane Ward

    Hey will this actually make me money because I’m about to buy one can I have some advice?

  8. Kylan Daly

    Great service! I had a couple of questions about the machines before buying – Gavin was super helpful and very quick to answer these, and my machines arrived on time and in perfect condition.

  9. Rui Weir

    Honestly the customer service was excellent from the questions was answered within 24 Recommend to anyone want to start up their first miner.

  10. Kaleb Peralta

    justminer has great response time, prompt shipping, always easy to deal with. I have had three successful transactions and trust them to deliver new working products. Will stick with them.

  11. Alexie Gordon

    Customer support is successfully completed!!

  12. Marlon Rodriguez

    I want to buy this machine, Can you deliver to Hungary? I’m still new in crypto mining world. Thanks

  13. Elliot Stevens

    This company has supplied amazingly good quality products at much reduced prices.I justminer other companies treated their customers in this way.

  14. Reid Cottrell

    Envío muy rápido

  15. Aqib Conway

    delivery is really fast Thank you justminer

  16. Abdul Turnbull

    I received great communication throughout my order which also arrived in a timely manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again. I would recommend.

  17. Neel Daugherty

    Excellent customer service. I’ve had a really bad experience with other companies in the past, but with justminer everything was quick and efficient

  18. Remi O’Ryan

    Maybe try HiveOS to manage and monitor the hashrate. Could be a good video.

  19. Nana Dorsey

    Some of the best customer service I have received. Gavin was very helpful from order to delivery

  20. Abu Pritchard

    Found this store through JustMiner YouTube Channel and was well reviewed. They were easy to deal with and was a great experience.

  21. Tye Benjamin

    Wide range of miners. Good quality. On time delivery. Support is good. Legit and authentic.

  22. Aria Dickson

    Great communication, service is better than some companies I tired to use before, the staff replied to my emails promptly. Machines were all good, no damage. All in all a very good experience, would recommend to everyone thinking of purchasing, and will definitely use in the future.

  23. Joel Tucker

    One of the best companies around. Honest and works hard to resolve issues. Highly recommend.

  24. Christian Campbell

    i’m super is running like promised on the website.

  25. Conall Green

    Excellent product, you can order it I have received my package past week its awesome

  26. John More JR

    Some of the best customer service I have received. Gavin was very helpful from order to delivery

  27. Lachlan Olson

    In this mining service is very good support, which will answer and help you with any questions and problems, fast and guaranteed payments.

  28. Ellis Ostell

    Acceptable performance, the truth is not bad, I liked its development

  29. Ryker Menton

    Very large range of miners. I am using Antminer T9+ and it is working properly.

  30. Winston Gosling

    Good selection of ASIC miners. Wide range of miners are available.

  31. Lukas Lyle

    Good attention but the shipment arrived a little bit later, anyway good service

  32. Eli Fraser

    The best mining company I have known, I have experience anda I really think they are the best!

  33. Jonathan Bond

    Customer support is good. Order successfully completed!!

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    I have ordered the miner 3 days ago and they have just sent me the tracking, so I will have the miner next week ready to mine! So good service!

  35. Felix Beech

    Bergmann ist pünktlich angekommen und arbeitet.

  36. Maxwell Clarkson

    Ils ont redessiné tous mes doutes en 5 minutes, ils m’ont même dit que je pouvais les appeler même s’ils ne parlaient pas bien ma langue, très attentionné!

  37. Ashton Campbell

    A million thanks for your kindnes!

  38. Nico Arbour

    In love with this guys! So kind people and good service!

  39. Tucker Scott

    I chose this platform for mining after comparing conditions. I know that they have enormous power.

  40. Zayn Marcus

    Delivery is really fast

  41. Luke Miller

    a répondu rapidement à mes questions, bon support client

  42. Joseph Shirley

    Fairly good quality for the price, and shipping costs are pretty fair.

  43. Brayden Douglas

    Love it! As long as you read the descriptions first, you will too!

  44. Daniel Lewis

    This site is so amazing it so much makes life so much easier ❤

  45. Luka Hoffman

    Super nice and great for everyone.

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    Happy with your miner

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    Great site to make purchases. Overall experience excellent.

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  57. Elliot Bond

    Very great Received unexpected time

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