How to Order

Login to your account or register if this is your first visit. Registration won’t take more than 2 mins.

Go to “Shop” section in the header.

Using filters and sorting, you can easily and promptly find the product you need

In order to do this, open the product’s card, insert the quantity and click “Add to Cart”

Also in the product card you will find the picture and product description, information about payment methods, warrantee, and firmware.

To continue placing the order you need to go to the “Cart” page in the header.

In the cart, at the 1st step of the order processing you can: tick the product to continue placing the order, check your order, if necessary change the quantity of the product or delete the product, if you change your mind.

Once you have entered your Billing Address + Shipping Address, click on “Pay with bitcoin” to pay and complete the order.

  • You Must send the EXACT Amount of Bitcoin as requested. DO NOT ALLOW your wallet to convert dollars to Bitcoin – the calculation will probably be wrong and not processed by the payment gateway.
  • Copy the wallet address and amount of Bitcoin required as indicated and send the EXACT amount of Bitcoin indicated.

  • After a few seconds the page will refresh and you will see that your transaction is completed.
  • It will still be pending on the blockchain waiting for confirmation.
  • Now you can click Continue to “JustMiner Store” to return to your JustMiner account.


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