If warranties are included in the agreement, the following will apply. ASIC MINER WAREHOUSE LTD guarantees that the sold item meets the agreement, that it will function without defects, and that it is suitable for the use that the buyer intends to make of it. This manufacturer’s warranty applies for a period of 180 days after receipt of the item purchased by the buyer.

The intended warranty extends between the seller and buyer to create such a risk division that the consequences of an infringement of a warranty is always fully at the expense and risk of the seller and that seller can never rely on Article 6:75 DCC with respect to an infringement of a warranty. That provided in the previous sentence also applies if the infringement was known to the buyer or could have been known by doing an investigation.

The guarantee named does not apply when the defect has arisen as a result of inexpert or improper use or when – without permission – buyer or third parties have made changes or have tried to make changes or have used the purchased item for purposes for which it is not intended.

If the warranty provided by the seller concerns an item produced by a third party, the warranty is limited to the guarantee that is provided by the producer. This takes effect from the moment of shipment.

The warranty expires if you have done the following:

  • Burned parts on the Hash Board or the chips
  • Water damage
  • Hacks
  • You have removed and/or replaced elements yourself without consultation
  • Poor power supply, lightning, or excessive voltage.

  • Repair information:

Repairs can always be done by the team of JustMiner.net. However, we have two types of repairs:

Type 1: Repairs that fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. These repairs are done without charge and by JustMiner.net.

Type 2: Repairs that fall outside the manufacturer’s guarantee. These repairs must be sent, insured, to JustMiner.net at the cost of the buyer. After an analysis, a quote will be provided to the buyer for the repair. If the buyer agrees, the repair will be done. In most cases, a repair takes 1-7 business days; when it will take longer, you will be notified of this.


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