Bitmain ANTBOX N5 | For Antminers S19/S17 Series – 180 Units

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ANTBOX N5 is a product with high technology standards. It can bring great convenience to massive mining. | Antbox N5 from Bitmain | 180 Units

 Minable Miners: Antminer S19 Series, Antminer S17  Series, ANtminer S9 Series, Antminer S15 Series, Antminer S17/T17 Series

Product description Specifications
Version ANTBOX N5
Overall dimensions (L,W, H) (mm) 6058*2438*2896
Miner capacity 19/17 series miner is 180 units
Container certification China Classification Society Certification
Safety certificate  Industrial Control Panel, PDUs, cables, switches, network cables, etc are certified by UL/CUL.
Operating power (KW) 658
Voltage Input and frequency 380V~415V AC 50~60HZ
Detailed specifications Specifications
Overall weight (ton, excluding miner) 3.8
Main switch of Industrial Control Panel (A) 1200
Rated current (A) 1000
Standard power (KW) 658
Maximum power (KW) 719
Single PDU rated current (A) 31
Single unit rated current (A) 18
Single socket rated current (A) 9
2500KVA transformer can bring Antbox quantity 4
Snow load (KN/㎡) 3.5
Configuration QTY
Industrial Control Panel 1
Panel to PDU  power cable 30
PDU 30
Miner power cable 360
Network Switch 15
Network cable 180
Rack 3
Water curtain 2

Best price and profitability

The Bitmain Antbox N5 is one of the most impressive out of the box miners you can buy. The Antbox N5 is massive weighing over 3.8 tons, compared to its smaller version the N5 SE which weights 3.2 tons. The N5 can hold up to 180 units and is designed to supercharge your mining operation. The operating power of this machine can range from 672kw to 745kw and has an estimated power consumption of 3200 to 3600W. The best miners to use within the antbox N5 are 19/17 series miners compatible with 15,11 and 9. If you’re looking to upgrade your mining facilities the Antbox N5 will surely improve any set up.

The voltage coming into this box is extremely impressive, 380-415V of power. When ordering the Antbox N5 you will have a few choices on how to set it up, whether you choose vertically or horizontally it can be swapped out later if needs change. 2500KVA Transformer that supports three sets of antbox n5 v2 that will operate simultaneously. Within the box there are cable management boxes that will help you separate wires, so they’re organized. The Antbox N5 was built for the outdoors and features rain protective sheets, and other climate control mechanisms.

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    Sinceramente, el servicio al cliente fue excelente desde el principio.

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