Goldshell KD6 26.3Th/s Kadena Miner

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Goldshell KD6 26.3Th/s Kadena Miner
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Model KD6 from Goldshell mining Kadena algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 26.3Th/s for a power consumption of 2630W.

Minable Coins: Kadena (KDA)


Manufacturer Goldshell
Model KD6
Also known as KD6 Kadena miner
Release April 2022
Size 200 x 264 x 290mm
Weight 8500g
Noise level 80db
Fan(s) 2
Power 2630W
Voltage 176~264V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %
Additionnal infos Blake2S algorithm exclusive for KDA.

Best price and profitability

The Goldshell KD6 is nothing short of an amazing miner and blows its previous KD2 and KD5 models out of the water. The crypto miner currently produces 29 THs of hash rate and 2560 watts of power making it a top-of-the-line crypto miner. This miner was created to target the more advanced miner who is willing to spend a little extra money to get a powerful and temperature efficient machine. The high-performance computer chip will give anyone the ability to start earning higher profits and maintain better daily rates as it has over 20% more efficient than other miners at the same price point. Overhead costs of equipment and electricity are the highest costs a miner can incur so it was important for the Goldshell KD6 miner to break out the norm and scale a miner to perform better but not cost astronomically.

Goldshell KD6 specs
The advanced cooling system allows the miners to extend the life by multiple years which allow crypto miners to earn longer profits. When using the miner, the wall outlet needs to be between 200-285volts otherwise the miner might short circuit. The temperature in the environment should be between zero and thirty-five degrees Celsius to provide a safe mining experience. The noise level of the miner matches the previous KD5 version at 80dbs which makes it more efficient than older models.

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2 reviews for Goldshell KD6 26.3Th/s Kadena Miner

  1. Joe D. Clements

    Best miner of the moment offering excellent profitability. I have already reserved it

  2. Fábio Almeida

    I have pre-ordered my Goldshell KD6, I am waiting for it to arrive

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