Jasminer X4 2.5Gh/s

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Jasminer X4 2.5Gh/s
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Model X4 from Jasminer mining EtHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 2.5Gh/s for a power consumption of 1200W.

Minable coins: Ubiq (UBQ), Expanse (EXP), Etho (ETHO), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Musicoin (MUSIC), EtherGem (EGEM), Callisto (CLO), QuarkChain (QKC)


Manufacturer Jasminer
Model X4
Release November 2021
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 4
Power 1200W
Interface Ethernet
Memory 5GB
Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

Best price and profitability

The future has come. On the forefront of innovation stands the Jasminer X4 crypto miner with breakthrough low power consumption. In such a fast-paced environment like crypto, the Jasminer’s new high performance integrated memory falls nothing short of excellent performance. The interphase of the miner boasts simplicity allowing anyone with a power cord to join the ecosystem which dates to the original intent of the blockchain. Whether the Jasminer is your first crypto miner or your tenth, it will make the perfect fit into your mining operation due to its wide variety of minable coins. If you’re looking for a profit boosting crypto miner, then the Jasminer can help with its enormous 2.5GH/s hashrate and 1200W power consumption throttle.

Development Overview
The cryptocurreny ecosystem over the past ten years has been one of the most electrifying innovations in the financial industry. However, it comes at a surprise that the crypto miners who power the fast and efficient blockchain have declined in innovation. Fast forward to today, the Jasminer X4 has come to excite all in its massive 45mm by 45mm carbon neutral shell, gross weight of 13.75 KG and processing speeds of up to 65MH/s. The Jasminer was designed for ecofriendly powerful mining through its PSU kit which will allow Ethereum Classic to take its place at being the most mining efficient coin in the market. See what the world has been waiting for and test out the new Jasminer X4 crypto miner in your datacenter and boost your mining profitability through the roof.

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  1. Adriana Monson

    Excellent miner, for those who want to buy it, I recommend it

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